Changeling: The Long Winter

We Were in Love

“This is impossible,” she dropped her face into her hands, nails well manicured, skin soft.

“Nothing is impossible,” he touched her shoulder, his thumb slid back and forth in a calming stroke.

“David…” she turned, and he was startled to find tears beading at the corners of her eyes.

“Oh. I suppose the time for jokes is over now – look at you,” and he used his thumb to clear away the tears. “You needn’t worry. Not this much anyway.”

“What if this is too fast?” She bit her lip, his own tiers spread into a small smile.

“I would rather that than go too slow. This is right,” he gathered her hands to keep her from hiding his face. “You know this is right.”

“Why do you shake and I am still?”

“Because in my heart are fireworks and parades that threaten to burst loose at any moment, and in yours, Fae, you are sure. You are steady.” He fanned his fingers beneath her chin, lifted her face, and she could see he was smiling so warmly. “You are strong.”

Their foreheads touched, his soft breath stirred the edges of her bridal veil, and she smiled bashfully.

“This is very unlucky. You are not supposed to see me this way. Not yet, anyway.”

He whispered, ever the trouble-making boy in that smile of his. “I had to see you.”

“You try chance.”

“Always,” he rubbed his thumbs across her knuckles, pried at the diamond nestled over her left ring finger. “When we have said our vows, you will have such a feast, Fae. A feast fit for… well, a queen,” he beamed, “and we will dance. We will laugh. We will cry.” He held her face gently, and kissed her just the same through her veil. “Make love…” He chuckled upon seeing her shining blush, and then drew her close. “We will visit all the kingdoms, and they will see you. My love. My wife. My queen.”

“You make it sound so simple.”

“Getting me into a fine suit like this? Not simple. How you move around in that church bell dress – “

“I quite like this church bell dress,” she said, laughing.

“Not simple.” They giggled, and he lifted her hand over her head, at which point she turned once before settling into his arms again. “You look beautiful…”

Days like this seem so far now. I wish I could remember your voice more fully. Your face more clearly. Sometimes I forget things. Most things. Still, I know… We were in love



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